2017 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decorating Ideas

Posted on November 01 2017

2017 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decorating Ideas

Creating The Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! If you are hosting dinner at your house, you may want to start thinking about what you are going to be putting on the table… besides the delicious food of course!

The best centerpiece you could possibly have is a tray, and let us tell you why.

1. Easy to decorate- the flat surface makes it easy to but decorations on. Pick 3-5 items to put on it and you’re done!

2. They look great from all angles- dinner guests usually surround the entire table, so this is the perfect item to use without it looking gaudy or overtaking the table where you are trying to eat.

3. Perfect for Large & Small tables- a tray is the only thing you will need for a smaller sized table. But if you have a large, buffet style table, you may want to consider adding a couple more items. Keep your tray as the main focus in the center of your table and add two smaller items on each side. This can elongate the festive look without putting too much more effort into it.

4. Easily removable- if you are like us, turkey day is usually an all day event. Once dinner is over and everyone has had their cat nap, it is time to pull out the games! Tray’s are the perfect thing to pick up and move when needed.

At Rod Works we offer FREE in-store decorating help. If you need help putting together the perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece, come in and see us! We would be happy to help.


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