A Fresh Take On Fall Colors For 2018

Posted on September 10 2018

A Fresh Take On Fall Colors For 2018

A Fresh Take on Fall Colors for 2018

By: Kari Fiagle

Fall decorating colors have expanded from just orange, gold, rust, and brown! Try these fresh color combinations this year in your home. Here are 5 ideas to help you easily achieve a new and cohesive Fall color scheme.

1.Take a que from the colors you already have in your home. Chances are, by keeping your current color scheme and adding a Fall color like, orange, copper, warm creams, and burnt yellow it will work with your current décor. You’d be surprised how many colors Fall décor goes with! However, you may need to edit out a few items so it doesn’t feel over cluttered once you start adding Fall items.

 2.If you have a lot of neutrals already in your home, try adding teals, sea foam green, or aqua as a Fall color! Using the neutral’s you already have as a backdrop, these light greens paired with   just a little bit of warm orange really pop! It’s a new take on Fall and we can’t get enough of it for 2018!

3.Navy blue has been a trend for home interiors this year. Chances are you have navy blue items already in your home. We absolutely love the combination of navy blue with Fall leaves, pumpkins, and copper, as well as natural elements like wood or wicker too. This combination feels classic and warm, yet current and fresh!

4.If you want to create a specific Fall color scheme in your home for the season but don’t have enough décor to go throughout your home, pick one spot that is a little separated from the rest of your home and decorate with those unique colors there. This could be an entry table filled with the sea-foam green, cream and orange combination, or a front living room with the navy blue/Fall combination.

5.Lastly, don’t feel like you need to buy all new items to have a fresh new color combination this year. Take a good look at what you already have from previous years and only use the items that will work. For example, maybe you only use your cream and orange pumpkins, instead of last year’s forest green and burnt reds you might have used.


Most of all, have fun creating new combinations as you decorate for Fall!




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