Creating Decorating Magic With Faux Greenery

Posted on April 09 2018

Creating Decorating Magic With Faux Greenery


By: Kari Fiagle

Many of us don’t have a green thumb or a knack for growing plants in our homes. Our hats are off to you if you are one of those people who can! But the thing is…we all want the life and warmth that green plants give to a space. The use of faux greenery became popular in the early 1990’s. As much as we loved it then, we all wanted more of a realistic look to faux greenery. Gone are the days of papery thin ivy leaves and a green that didn’t seem to match the real thing. Boy, aren’t we glad!
With the advancements in not only the types of faux plants to choose from, and the colors and details of the leaves, it gives even the closest spectator a hard glance to see if the plant is real or not!
Greenery is one of the easiest ways to add life and dimension when decorating your home. This is why we love it so much! So what kind of greenery are we talking about?  Some of the beautiful options available are faux succulents, moss balls, leafy stems, tea leaf wreaths, boxwood balls, boxwood wreaths, magnolia stems and more! 
But how do you use it and not go overboard? Well, that’s just it…don’t go overboard! Here are a few helpful suggestions:
  1. Use succulents on top of a stack of books on a night stand or coffee table.
  2. Tuck in some leafy stems in between items on a shelf to soften the edges and fill in gaps where you feel like something is missing. No vase needed!
  3. Place some of the green balls on top of a candlestick instead of a candle. Do this at varying heights for something fun and different.
  4. Get a classic boxwood wreath for your front door. Add pops of color by changing out the bow for different seasons throughout the year.  
  5. Create an all-green plant arrangement in your favorite vase. Use more than one type of green stem for added interest. These are some of the prettiest arrangements around, they are super easy to create, and they can be used all year!

So here’s to all of us that don’t have a green thumb, now you can fake it until you make it! Happy decorating!

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