Faux Floral + Greenery Styling Tips And Tricks

Posted on March 05 2018

Faux Floral + Greenery Styling Tips And Tricks

Styling Faux Floral and Greenery 

We love the natural element that greenery can bring into a space, and if you are anything like us, faux is the way to go! Now don’t get us wrong, if you have a green thumb… keep on doing what you are doing (we commend you!). But for us, we have found that you can find great quality faux greenery that looks just like the real deal. Once you find a great quality piece of greenery, the next most important thing you can do is style it!

How to style greenery:
1. Pair it with the perfect jar or vase: Finding the right sized vase is important. Not only do you want it to fit your space, but you also want it to accommodate the greenery style you are looking for. You don’t want a vase too small, that the greenery over powers it…and vice versa.
2. Mix greenery with other combinations: Greenery looks great paired with other textures and colors. It is okay to mix greenery with succulents and florals. In fact, we prefer it that way!
3. Varying stem heights: It is important to have different heights of greenery within the vase for balance, and also to give it a more natural / organic look. You may need to cut down the stems of the greenery to fit the vase, or to make the greenery look taller, add tissue paper or foam to give it height.
4. Bend, twist, & fluff each greenery piece: This is important to do right before you put it into the vase to help give it a more authentic look. This will also help you avoid making your arrangement look too perfect or uniform.

Reasons why we love faux greenery so much.. (besides the fact that we don’t have to keep it alive!).. is that it is great alternative if you have allergies, are extremely low maintenance, and add a fun texture and element to all spaces of your home.

If you need help putting together the perfect arrangement, we can help! At Rod Works we offer FREE in-store decorating help. Come with an idea in mind, and we can help you do the rest.




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