How To Style a Bohemian and Classic Wedding

Posted on July 04 2016

How To Style a Bohemian and Classic Wedding

Here comes the bride....and wedding season! 

With the weather warming up and school semesters ending, it means a lot more weddings are coming our way! Rod Works has the decor you need for these special events covered! This month, Rod Works is showing you four different wedding styles. Today we are sharing two of these styles, Classic and Boho.

We all know what a classic wedding looks like. It is all about the romance, decor that is timeless and lot's of white. Elegant and neutral pieces are perfect like our candle sticks and vases we carry.

Lace and white linens work perfect for a classic wedding. Lots of flowers, such as roses, are usually the choice for a classic wedding. 

Now what is boho exactly? Boho or Bohemian wedding style is a fusion of hippie whimsical, and gypsy style. It really is a big mix of styles and a perfect way to bring different styles together. It is really trendy right now! 

The best part is the center pieces do not have to match. You can blend the interests of the bride and groom together. The easiest way to pull off this wedding style is to pick a handful of key colors and pieces at different elevations and you have your Boho style. Be sure to check out more ideas on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Head into our stores where we can help you one on one with all of your decorating needs! 


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