How To Style A Fireplace Mantel Or Entryway Table

Posted on July 09 2018

How To Style A Fireplace Mantel Or Entryway Table

Table Decorating Tips

Decorating these spaces can be tough, but we have 5 easy steps to help you achieve the perfect mantel/table vignette!

1. Measurements: Make note of the measurements of your mantel or table. This will help you when shopping for items to ensure you are grabbing products that will fit the space! There is nothing worse than buying and returning multiple times to get it just right. This will save a lot of time and energy!

2. Focal point: Whether you choose a mirror, clock, sign, or wall art piece…make sure it is something you love! This item should stand out above everything else, and is going to go dead center to your vignette. This will also be the largest item you will be using to decorate with.

3. Odd numbers: As a general rule of thumb, decorating is done best in odd numbers. It is more appealing to the eye, memorable, and finishes off a look when it just doesn’t seem to be turning out right. Odd numbers force your eye to move around, which makes the vignette more visually appealing and gives it depth.

4. Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical vignette: If you like things to look symmetrical, you will want to pick things in identical pairs to put on each end of your mantel/table. If you like the asymmetrical look, you have more freedom to pick random decor items, in different shapes and sizes, to put on each end of your mantle/table.

5. Variation: Pick items that vary between texture, shape, size and height. You will want to start with the tallest items on the ends, moving the shortest items to the middle. This will also help you to see the main focal point piece without other decor items covering it up.

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