New Kitchen Enamelware Trend We Are Loving

Posted on July 03 2017

New Kitchen Enamelware Trend We Are Loving

Enamelware Makes a Comeback! 

Jordan Robinson is here from Rod Works to share with us the enamelware craze in today’s kitchen /dining room decor  & other uses it has in practical every day home decor.

It is a widely used, age-old material that is extremely tough, durable, inexpensive and most importantly FOOD SAFE!  It is one of the many vintage items that is a blast from the past, that now has a modern twist that fits in with the home decor of today.

Enamel ware looks great with many decor styles. Particularly vintage, shabby chic, mid-century modern, and farmhouse. It can be displayed in various places throughout the house…Open shelving/cabinets in the kitchen, gallery walls, and set ups on a dining room table.

Although it is food safe, many people like to display some enamelware items around the house that are for eyes only! At Rod Works we not only carry dishes, cakes stands, and trays but we also carry clocks, signs, and hooks that use an enamel finish as well that ties the whole look in together!


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