Scary Or Cute? What's Your Halloween Style?

Posted on September 28 2016

Scary Or Cute? What's Your Halloween Style?

Scary Or Cute... What Halloween Decorating Style Are You?

Tis' the season for spooks and thrills! Rod Works has bewitching home decor that no one can resist! Jordan Robinson is here to show us how to add a touch of Halloween decor to everyday home decor items that we all have.

  • Lanterns: They are a popular staple piece item that can be switched out for any season. Put in fillers that match the season. Pumpkins, leaves, or sticks are a unique way to fill them up.
  • Glass Jars: Another home decor item that can have anything added to them. Candy corns, or any of your favorite Halloween treats is a cute addition to these jars. They will make you and your visitors happy when they can sneak a treat out of these cute creations! 
  • Candlesticks: They aren't just make for candles. Put pumpkins, signs, witches, or whatever you prefer on top of them! It looks so darling! If you decide to stick with a candle, add Halloween ribbon or beads to make them match the season! 
  • Wreaths: We all have them. Even the simplest wreath can turn into the most extravagant piece of decor. Adding a cute "boo" or "haunted" sign can transform your scary wreath into the most frighteningly cute one of the block! 

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