Simple Decorative Accents To Compliment Autumn

Posted on September 14 2016

Simple Decorative Accents To Compliment Autumn

Simple Decorative Accents To Compliment Autumn

The weather has already started to cool down, so some of you may be itching to make your home match the Fall weather.

Today we would like to share how to use your neutral home decor pieces and add Fall touches to them.

  1. Use lanterns! Most of our lanterns are neutral and can easily have Fall colors added to them. 
  2. Use neutral decor items that are cream, brown, muted greens, and whites. Accessories in these colors will match with almost any season and is good to consider when styling your space anytime of the year. 
  3. Once you have your neutral decor pieces, it is easy to add simple touches to them. You can fill the lantern with some case fillers like pumpkins. We carry many sprays and floral pieces that you can add to lanterns, frames, or vases.
  4. Our last idea is to use a shelf as a way to display a festive sign. We carry small signs for each season, and for Fall we have the most darling Harvest sign that you can had together.

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