The 3 Most Important Places To Decorate For Halloween

Posted on October 22 2018

The 3 Most Important Places To Decorate For Halloween

Halloween Decor 2018

The 3 most important places to decorate for Halloween

1. Front Porch: With more visitors than usual coming to your door this month, you will want to make sure it is welcoming with the colors of the haunting season. To achieve a spirited front porch entrance, use black, white and orange decor for a classic Halloween look. Adding a festive wreath, garland and your choice of an arrangement of pumpkins are just the things you will need to get your house looking spooktacular!

2. Entry Way Table: A perfect place for convenience and display of trick or treat candy. If you have glass apothecary jars around your house, or fun mix matched dishware...use these items to hold all of your treats! Stack them on old books for varying height.

3. Fireplace Mantel: Find a focal point piece first. This could be a fun Halloween sign / picture, or a whimsical figurine. Then build off of it from there. Add pumpkins, candles, and a garland to finish off the look!


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