Transform Your Everyday Wreath for Each Holiday!

Posted on February 19 2019

Transform Your Everyday Wreath for Each Holiday!


Did you know you can use the same everyday wreath and transform it for every holiday? Today, our home store is going to show you how to simply style one wreath three ways. We are going to use our simple preserved boxwood wreath that is gorgeous on its own for everyday use. But how great is it that you can use it for every holiday as well? Simply add some seasonal ribbon and a sign.

Our first look is St. Patrick’s Day.
  • We simply used one yard of burlap with red stitching and one yard of heart ribbon. Both of these ribbons were wired so they are really great to work with for a wreath. Layer each ribbon on top of each other and simply tie them like you are tying a shoelace. Make your bunny ears and loop around.
  • We tied the bow and the ornament onto the wreath with a simple piece of twine. Making it simple to add and remove for the next holiday. Then simply tied it to the wreath with our Lucky Charm Sign. To complete this look we added a few succulents and shamrocks to the mantle, along with our perpetual calendar.
Our second look is Easter. 
  • For this look, we used our home store’s rustic bunny. He already had a small burlap bow tied around his neck, so we used our lace ribbon to tie him to the wreath. We completed the mantle by changing the date on the perpetual calendar to Easter’s date this year. We added our Easter Blessings sign and a few ceramic bunnies.

Completely different looks, but the same wreath every time. Shop Rod Works today for quality pieces that can be used for a variety of holidays.

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