At Rod Works we offer unique and charming Home Decor at incredible prices. The imaginative way we display our products will get your creativity flowing while our outstanding customer service will work with you one on one to create a one of a kind look for any room in your home.

Rod Works started as an alternative for Home Décor found in the big chain stores. The inspiration came from the owners wanting unique and quality home decor for their own home.

In 1996 Mark Tuttle took his hobby of metalworking more seriously when his wife Kristen challenged him to create a metal curtain rod for a bay window. Successfully Mark completed his wife’s challenge and as word got out, everyone else wanted one too! This lead to more requests from Mark to create other custom iron home decor items. As the requests came in for more curtain rods, picture hanging rods and other metal decor, Mark and Kristen began buying products to go with their iron decor and dried flower arrangements that Kristen also made. In the beginning, they would haul their home decor items in a big trailer and set up pop-up shops to sell at home-based parties. This demand fed the creative fire for Kristen and she continued to develop more and more items which ended up being the base for the products sold at the parties and eventually the stores.

Soon demand was more than even the home parties could handle. They moved their business to the basement of their home and sold their home decor there, naming their business Rod Works.

It wasn’t long until the neighborhood was overrun with customers and cars, and it was time to open a retail store. They moved Rod Works into an old historic brick building in Lehi, Utah. Through the years, with its original brick walls and wood floors, this unique building has remained the perfect backdrop for our home decor. It is also holds the corporate office headquarters for Rod Works.

Rod Works began to rapidly grow by word of mouth as friends told their friends about the new Rod Works store where they could buy unique home decor not found in the big chain stores. It didn’t take long for the Lehi location to be overrun as well. With customers filling the tiny space, and lines out the door on Saturday’s waiting for room to come in, demand required they open another store and they opened their second location in Layton, Utah just 2 years after those first days of selling curtain rods and dried flowers. Today Rod Works has 11 locations in Utah, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. With franchise opportunities now available, Rod Works plans to expand their reach throughout the country, and now offers their beautiful products that people have come to know and love through online purchasing.

Our mission at Rod Works is to offer affordable, quality, and unique home decor. With our vast inventory options, creative displays, and exceptional customer service, we are able to offer decorating help that is suited to the individual style and needs of each customer who walks through our doors. It is our goal to make the experience at Rod Works one that will keep you coming back not just as life long customers, but as friends

Customer service will always be what we pride ourselves on. We believe that our store is more about people than the products. We strive to provide a personal feel with unique products that you will love to put in your home and to have fun while doing so.

To keep up with the volume and demand for our home decor, In 2008 Rod Works purchased a wholesale supplier. We began making our own items for our stores at prices that make home decor accessible to everyone. With our ability to design and create our own decor, we were able build a retail model with sustained future growth.

It would surprise many of our customers to learn that all of our products are handmade from start to finish, regardless of what type of item it might be. Every intricate curl in our iron decor is hammered out and hand finished. It is this attention to detail and craftsmanship that makes our products unique and different. Each item has a uniquely distinctive finish. Our products are made to look antique and worn making the finishes imperfect.